90s Keester F1


90s Keester F1 (90s Kush – The Funni Farm x Beta Suver Haze CBD #1 – Flower Bounty Farms) By Flower Bounty Farms

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90s Keester F1 (90s Kush - The Funni Farm x Beta Suver Haze CBD #1 - Flower Bounty Farms) By Flower Bounty Farms. Harvested 1/16/2023. Testers. 10+ Regular Photoperiod seeds per pack.

This cross was created for further breeding. This will be phenotype hunted for possible F2 and/or back cross to mother to maintain the medicinal value found in 90s Kush that fights my Crohn's disease. 90s Kush relieved some of my inflammation and pain in my abdomen. I wanted to preserve this medicine and integrate it with other strains I have found that improve my quality of life. Beta Suzer Haze CBD #1 is a cross that Flower Bounty Farms has been working on for multiple years to preserve the medicine and terpene flavor profile from it's lineage. Beta Suzer Haze CBD #1 was developed from compliant hemp strains that have medical value from personal use. This combination by itself should be impressive, however due to the opposite spectrum of cannabinoid focus for the parents, there will be lots of variation in this cross. Each seed pack is full with more than 10+ seeds in case undesirable traits are found in some of the progeny.

Tester Strain: This strain has not been run through proper growing, flowering, drying and curing to know how it will perform and what it will provide.

Flowering Time: Untested.

Yield: Untested.

Flavors: Untested.

Suitable For: Untested.

Possible Medical Value: Untested.

Strain Parent Information:

Parent Strain Lineage

FATHER: Beta Suver Haze CBD #1 (Bare Cherry - Flower Bounty Farms X Suver Haze - Oregon CBD Seeds)- Bare Cherry: (Raspberry Kush "Tea Beta" x Cherry Cough - Secret Nature CBD) Bare Cherry is a very CBD rich strain that provided amazing medicinal value in the form of inflammation reduction in the abdomen and providing a relaxed feeling through the mind. Hints of tea leaves and mint when broken apart. Suver Haze: (Suver8 x ERB) - Exotic sour apple flavor created by farnsene and beta-caryophyllene terpene content

MOTHER: 90s Kush - The Funni Farm - 90s Kush is a great anytime strain. Potent skunky aromas that the Kush families are known for while having a lot of abdominal pain relief.

Artwork created by: Blackfury https://linktr.ee/blackfury

Seeds were hand collected and only the best were selected for packing.
Seeds are for sale as a collectible genetic preservation souvenir.
Seeds contain <0.3% THC.
It is NOT legal for anyone under the age of 21 to buy any cannabis product.