Bare Cherry F1

Bare Cherry F1 ( Cherry Cough x 90s Raspberry Kush “Sweet Tea” ) By Flower Bounty Farms



Bare Cherry F1 ( Cherry Cough x 90s Raspberry Kush "Sweet Tea" ) By Flower Bounty Farms Harvested 2020. 10+ Regular Photoperiod seeds per pack.

This strain is the start of a new beginning for me. This accident happened and gave me something to try and recover. The mother smelt of the most powerful Lipton Sweet Tea aroma just like Grandma used to make. The father had a sweet cherry flavor on the back of a good hit leaving a great taste in the mouth you just want to lap up. I collected the seeds in hope to save the genetics and find another "Lipton Sweet Tea" phenotype from the children. This stain is no longer available as all seeds have been phenotype hunted.

Strain Parent Information:

Cherry Cough: (Cherry Wine x Strawberry Cough) - A combination of one of the original CBD strains, Cherry Wine, and fan-favorite THC strain Strawberry Cough, expect Cherry Cough to both provide the classically uplifting effects of its THC parent and CBD’s characteristic relaxing benefits.

Raspberry Kush: (Cheese Kush x Raspberry Cough) - This has a great story behind it. A close friend passed away leaving to me all his saved equipment and in the largest black tote he had saved every stick, stem and seed from every bag he purchased. I gathered it all up, collected the seeds, started a few just to see what would happen. This one came out amazing. Hints of raspberry fruit in a Lipton Sweet Tea after I harvested and while drying. Leaving the jar open would cause the room would be stinking like Lipton Sweet Tea. I kept the seeds from the cross, not only to save the flavor but also to save some piece of history attached to a close a dear friend. His past will forever be in much of my work.

Artwork created by: Blackfury

Seeds were hand collected and only the best were selected for packing.
Seeds are for sale as a collectible genetic preservation souvenir.
Seeds contain <0.3% THC.
It is NOT legal for anyone under the age of 21 to buy any cannabis product.