Blueberry Keester F1


Blueberry Keester F1 (Blueberry BX4 – LemonHoko GreenBean Seeds x Beta Suver Haze CBD #1 – Flower Bounty Farms) By Flower Bounty Farms

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Blueberry Keester F1 Seed Pack (Blueberry BX4 - LemonHoko GreenBean Seeds x Beta Suver Haze CBD #1 - Flower Bounty Farms) By Flower Bounty Farms. Harvested 1/16/2023. 10+ Regular Photoperiod seeds per pack.

This cross was created for further breeding. This will be phenotype hunted for possible F2 and/or back cross to mother to maintain the medicinal value and phenotype aroma of freshly cut cantaloupe that is on it's last day of ripeness.

Tested Strain: This strain has been run through multiple grows and found to be acceptable to be considered as viable.

Flowering Time: 64-73 Days.

Yield: Large with experience.

Flavors: Blueberry dominant fruit sweetness with hints of citrus.

Suitable For: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse.

Possible Medical Value: Happy motivation, euphoria calmness and pain relief.

Strain Parent Information:

Parent Strain Lineage

FATHER: Beta Suver Haze CBD #1 (Bare Cherry - Flower Bounty Farms X Suver Haze - Oregon CBD Seeds)- Bare Cherry: (Raspberry Kush "Tea Beta" x Cherry Cough - Secret Nature CBD) Bare Cherry is a very CBD rich strain that provided amazing medicinal value in the form of inflammation reduction in the abdomen and providing a relaxed feeling through the mind. Hints of tea leaves and mint when broken apart. Suver Haze: (Suver8 x ERB) - Exotic sour apple flavor created by farnsene and beta-caryophyllene terpene content

MOTHER: Blueberry BX4 - LemonhokoBlueberry BX4 is a strain that has been worked by Lemonhoko working to maintain the Blueberry quality aroma and flavor while also providing a quality head high. I found using this strain in my medicine intake helped relieve stress, abdominal pain, and provided a quality of focus. Good day time medicine.

Artwork created by exy420

Seeds were hand collected and only the best were selected for packing.
Seeds are for sale as a collectible genetic preservation souvenir.
Seeds contain <0.3% THC.
It is NOT legal for anyone under the age of 21 to buy any cannabis product.