Raspberry Boobies F1


Raspberry Boobies F1 (Raspberry Kush Fem – Coastal Genetics x Sweet Tea – Subcool Norstar) By Flower Bounty Farms.

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Raspberry Boobies F1 (Raspberry Kush Fem - Coastal Genetics x Sweet Tea - Subcool Norstar) By Flower Bounty Farms. Harvested 9/16/2023. Testers. 10+ Regular Photoperiod seeds per pack.

This was an attempt at an Auto-Flowering strain with Sweet Tea flavors.

Tester Strain: This strain has not been run through proper growing, flowering, drying and curing to know how it will perform and what it will provide.

Flowering Time: Untested.

Yield: Untested.

Flavors: Untested.

Suitable For: Untested.

Possible Medical Value: Untested.

Strain Parent Information:

Parent Strain Lineage

FATHER: Sweet Tea - Subcool Norstar- (The Zest (Cali-O x Alcatraz OG) x Dude (Space Queen) Imagine biting into a ripe blood orange and tasting a hint of cherries and melons. The oily mandarin flavor coats your tongue as your mind is lifted upward and sadness melts away. Antidepressant in nature the California Orange has always lifted my spirits. The Alcatraz lends a nice woody flavor that gave me the idea for the name. In Order to make a more stable version of an earlier cross we selected an Alcatraz OG male to outcross the famous California Orange cut and then we hit her with the infamous Space Queen male “The Dude” Incredible orange and Cherry terps big yields and an up high giggly euphoric high. Dreamy like visions and a general happy mode accompany and amazing flavor profile.

MOTHER: Raspberry Kush Fem - Coastal Genetics Raspberry Kush is a popular indica dominant cannabis strain that many believe to be a cross between Raspberry Cough and a strain of Cheese Kush. Medicinal cannabis users find that Raspberry Kush can be especially helpful at treating headaches, as well as inflammation and muscle spasms. Many have found it to be effective at eliminating stress and worries and at stimulating appetites.Those who prefer to utilize cannabis recreationally will like Raspberry Kush’s ability to allow them to feel happiness, relaxation, creativity, and to focus their minds. This euphoric feeling that this strain can provide can also provide relief from mental issues like depression or stress. Raspberry Kush tends to be recommended for use in the evening or at night.

Artwork created by: Blackfury https://linktr.ee/blackfury

Seeds were hand collected and only the best were selected for packing.
Seeds are for sale as a collectible genetic preservation souvenir.
Seeds contain <0.3% THC.
It is NOT legal for anyone under the age of 21 to buy any cannabis product.