Vanilla Bottoms F1


Vanilla Bottoms F1 (Raspberry Parfait #2 – Humboldt Seed Co x Circles F2 “The Stud” – Hokuseed Co) By Flower Bounty Farms

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Vanilla Bottoms F1 (Raspberry Parfait #2 - Humboldt Seed Co x Circles F2 “The Stud” - Hokuseed Co) By Flower Bounty Farms. Harvested 9/16/2022. 10+ Regular Photoperiod seeds per pack. This wondrous combination was created when I allowed a boy to sneak past the perimeter in the farming garden located near the Appalachian mountains in Northern Virginia. I allowed this boy to grow big and strong and show off his prowess. His beautiful flowers attracted many bumble bees all throughout the flowering season.  While this initially was an accident, a true stud was found. Pollen has been collected from “The Stud” for future projects. The mother of these seeds has the strongest vanilla yogurt aroma amongst the phenotypes that was previously selected indoor phenotype hunt. If you grow these seeds you will see lots of variation in the outcome. You should see a higher amount of CBG in the final flower of this strain. More than 10+ seeds are provided in case unwanted traits are seen in some of the progeny.

Grown by TheHerringChoker

Tested Strain: This strain has been run through multiple grows and found to be acceptable to be considered as viable.

Flowering Time: 62-68 Days.

Yield: Large with experience.

Flavors: Fermented vanilla yogurt with hints of spice.

Suitable For: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse.

Possible Medical Value: Motivational focus with pain relief and body euphoria.

Strain Parent Information:

Parent Strain Lineage

FATHER: Hoku’s details about Circles F2: (La Crema x La Crema) - Circles is part of our La Crema f2 project. Although still La Crema, we think this version will run circles around the original. La Crema CBG is a heavy yielding Indica dominant hash plant with a very distinct orange juice terpene profile that hits both sour and citrus notes. She can hit upwards of 19% CBG and tests are compliant even at harvest. Our intention was to create a regular version of this unique CBG variety so that others could select a male and easily breed with the highly medicinal cannabinoid known as Cannabigerol. Expect heavy yields of highly dense flowers coated in white trichomes that finish early outdoors.

MOTHER: Humboldt Seed Co details about Raspberry Parfait:(Trufula Tree x Shishkaberry)- Via 2017’s collaborative phenotype hunting by Rising Leaf Farms in Oregon, we were alerted to a plant from an R&D seed batch we had made from a Shishkaberry mother and Trufula Tree father.

Artwork created by Grimdank

Seeds were hand collected and only the best were selected for packing.
Seeds are for sale as a collectible genetic preservation souvenir.
Seeds contain <0.3% THC.
It is NOT legal for anyone under the age of 21 to buy any cannabis product.